Therapy Costs

The costs of therapy depend on the individual expense of vaccine production, the respective extent of treatment and the course of the disease. Which interventions are suitable for a patient is discussed by the medical team in a tumor conference. The treatment options and the associated costs in each particular case are discussed with the patient.

The level of costs is due to the enormous personnel and technical effort involved: an individual drug is produced for each patient in strict compliance with the legal requirements under the German Drug Law (AMG).
Since the therapy applied to each patient is individual, the costs vary, sometimes considerably. From experience, we can give the following fees for orientation:
– for the laboratory tests required prior to treatment between € 4.100 and € 6,000.
– for an IO-VAC® vaccination cycle between € 23,000 and € 28,000 (At least two vaccination cycles are necessary for one treatment.)
– for a five-day treatment session to induce immunogenic cell death (e.g., as an adjuvant treatment during chemotherapy or as maintenance therapy after the IO-VAC® vaccination cycles have been performed) between € 6,000 and € 11,000.
These amounts do not include any additional costs for individual medication (infusions). The patient will be liable for the cost of treatment, regardless of insurance reimbursement.
The costs for diagnostics and therapy may possibly be reimbursed by private health insurances (depending on the contract concluded). Immunotherapy is not covered by German statutory health insurance. However, under certain circumstances, the costs may be covered upon written application in individual cases.

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