New Perspectives in Cancer Therapy

Immuno-Oncological Therapy at the IOZK in Cologne

Tumor immunology has been an area of great research interest worldwide over the last decades. The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for research in the field of immune oncology in 2011 and 2018, highlighting the importance of this discipline. The doctors and scientists at the Immune-Oncological Centre in Cologne (IOZK) have been working on the role of the immune system in cancer and chronic infectious diseases since 1985.

Over the years, we developed the IOZK Immunotherapy. Our experiences show that we are on the right path: with this treatment we can offer our patients a personalized therapy that offers the opportunity of a gentle treatment as well as the best possible quality of life.

The multi-layered approach of immunotherapy is important to us. Immunotherapy uses and strengthens the patient’s own immune system in the fight against cancer and sustainably activates it against new cancer cell growth. In contrast, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy aim to destroy the tumor through an operation or medication – this is often accompanied by serious side effects for the healthy cells and the immune system.

The successes we have observed with our treatment motivate us to further develop the IOZK Immunotherapy. We can already offer this form of therapy to our patients – even if it is not yet the standard treatment. Depending on the terms of your health insurance, some private health insurances or employer‘s liability insurance associations contribute towards the costs.


The IOZK and the IOZK Immunotherapie

Video about the Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne and the IOZK Immunotherapy.

Duration: 7 Min


How the IOZK Immunotherapy Works

The goal of the IOZK Immunotherapy is to activate the patient’s immune system so as to enable it to destroy the tumor cells in the body or to prevent their growth.


The Types of Cancer That Can Be Treated with the IOZK Immunotherapy

The experiences from numerous therapies show that immune-oncological therapies are effective and well-tolerated across many indications, i.e., many different types of tumors.

Here you can find specific information about the treatment of different types of cancer.


How we Manage to Activate the Immune System to Attack the Tumor Cells

The tumor vaccine IO-VAC® activates the immune system of the patient and enables it to take up the fight against the cancer cells. The vaccine uses the patient’s own dendritic cells and tumor antigens, as well as an oncolytic virus.



Specialized Doctors and World-Renowned Scientists Strive for Optimal Treatment

Our medical and scientific experts – together with our skilled laboratory and nursing teams – care for patients from all over the world. Our multidisciplinary approach provides many treatment benefits to the patient.


Modern Cancer Therapy in the Heart of Cologne

The IOZK is a treatment center with own laboratory in the city centre of Cologne, Germany. Our extensive treatment centre consists of examination and consultation rooms, conference rooms, offices, and modern laboratories of the highest standard.

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What is Immunotherapy?

The immune system guards our health. Its main function is to differentiate between own and foreign, between harmless and dangerous. If a tumor has developed, the control mechanisms of the immune system have failed and it no longer functions as an effective gatekeeper. The goal of an immunological therapy is to “train” the immune system of the patient so that it can fight the tumor growth of its own accord.

Find out more about the theoretical background in our article.

Dr Wilfried Stücker – Expert in tumour immunology

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The Importance of Dendritic Cells

Dendritic cells play a key role in the IOZK Immunotherapy. They can initiate and regulate an immune response. This ability can be used to generate an immune response against certain proteins of tumor cells and thus fight the tumor with an immune response. To produce the autologous tumor vaccine IO-VAC®, dendritic cells are generated from the patient’s blood.

The IOZK patients pamphlet

Our pamphlet for patients will inform you briefly about the IOZK and the IOZK Immunotherapy.

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