Immunotherapy for prostate cancer: Canadian research group presents the current situation

In NATURE Reviews Oncology, a Canadian research group summarizes the current situation on immunotherapies against prostate cancer in a review article entitled “Potentiating prostate cancer immunotherapy with oncolytic viruses”. They emphasized the effect of oncolytic viruses. They also cited a case study conducted at the IOZK and referenced the therapy at the IOZK with the combination of electro-hyperthermia, Newcastle Disease Virus, and the vaccine based on dendritic cells. 

„In addition, a case study reports the development of prostate-cancer-specific T cell immune responses and long-term remission from metastatic castration- resistant prostate cancer following treatment with local hyperthermia, Newcastle disease virus, and dendritic-cell-based vaccination. These findings suggest that the strategic design and implementation of oncolytic viruses in the context of available immunotherapeutic strategies can result in better clinical outcomes than either of the interventions alone.“

„Ultimately, the oncolytic-virus-induced subversion of immunosuppression promotes antitumour immunity. In addition, in combination, oncolytic virus treatments can potentiate complementary anticancer therapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors, potentially resulting in better patient outcomes than those that can be achieved by either treatment alone. Going forward, the adjuvant-like immunological properties of oncolytic viruses, in addition to their oncolytic abilities, are a promising approach to achieve the next breakthrough in prostate cancer immunotherapy.“

In 2014, NATURE was the most cited interdisciplinary scientific journal, as well as having the highest impact factor in its category. It is, next to the US journal SCIENCE, the worldwide leading journal in the natural sciences.

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