Patient information – IOZK Foundation

The Patient information of the IOZK Foundation “Individualized cancer therapy with specific activation of the immune system”provides in­depth information about:

  • Immunological tolerance towards tumour cells
  • Active and passive treatment procedures
  • Fighting cancer with a specifically trained immune system
  • Optimal timing for the treatment
  • Dendritic cells – crucial information carriers
  • Highest purity and qualifications in laboratories
  • Viruses – Assistants of the therapy
  • Questions and answers about the NDV/DC tumour therapy
  • The typical development of immunotherapy at the IOZK
  • Specific immunotherapy – a new dimension in cancer treatment
  • Interactions with other forms of therapy
  • Triggering immunogenic cell death
  • Hyperthermia – an ideal additional treatment tool to immunotherapy
  • The IOZK group of experts
  • International contact partners
  • Glossary

Interesting Facts

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