Cancer Vaccines and Oncolytic Viruses Exert Profoundly Lower Side Effects in Cancer Patients than Other Systemic Therapies: A Comparative Analysis

New Insights into Mechanisms of Long-term Protective Anti-tumor Immunity Induced by Cancer Vaccines Modified by Virus Infection

Die IOZK Patientenbroschüre

Breaking Therapy Resistance: An Update on Oncolytic Newcastle Disease Virus for Improvements of Cancer Therapy

Professor Volker Schirrmacher vom Kölner IOZK eröffnet die Tagung an der Universität zu Kiel mit seinem Vortrag zur Erforschung onkolytischer Viren im Zusammenhang der individuellen Krebs-Immuntherapie.

Immune Phenotype Correlates With Survival in Patients With GBM Treated With Standard Temozolomide-based Therapy and Immunotherapy

From chemotherapy to biological therapy: A review of novel concepts to reduce the side effects of systemic cancer treatment (Review)

International Journal of Oncology: „Von der Chemotherapie zur biologischen Therapie“, Prof. Dr. Volker Schirrmacher