IOZK presentation on the effects of multi-modal immunotherapy in a pontine glioma with the aid of liquid biopsy analysis

The GW Research Days took place at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., on 11 April. The research group of Roger J. Packer und Javad Nazarian (Children’s National Health System, Washington / George Washington University / IOZK) presented on the effects of a multimodal immune therapy in a pontine glioma with the aid of liquid biopsy analysis. 

Pontine gliomas are inoperable tumors occurring at the brain stem and primarily occurring in children. Currently the progression of the disease is monitored through MRI. Based on a new liquid biopsy platform it is now possible to gain more precise results that cannot be misinterpreted due to pseudoprogression. The research shows a marked decline of molecular tumour antigens (allelic frequency H3F3A mutation) when using the treatment procedure used at the IOZK. It is hoped that the analysis method can give more precise insights into the progression of the disease and the response to the treatment.

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