Book published by Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher: Quo vadis cancer therapy

Quo vadis cancer therapy is the title of Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher’s new book, a comprehensive guide on cancer. In the book different forms of treatment are discussed as well as how these were developed. The book highlights important findings from the fields of molecular biology, cancer biology, immunology, virology and physiology. A main part deals with new biological therapies from the last decades. An important section is the comparison of immune therapies with all other forms of cancer treatment.

A brief description of the book:

Fascinating discoveries have been made in the last 60 years in cancer research. Yet, these discoveries have not changed the main methods of standard cancer treatment. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy were developed in the first half of the 20th century. At this time nothing was known about the biology of cancer metastasis and about the role of the immune system in the fight against cancer. This book is a plea for an update of cancer treatment by including biology-based treatments, such as immunotherapy and oncolytic virotherapy. These treatments have a higher tumor selectivety and lower side effects than radio-or chemotherapy. In addition they can induce long-lasting effects which are based on cancer-specific immunological memory. We now know that epigenetic mechanisms allow tumors to develop therapy-resistant variants. Therefore, efficacy of future cancer therapy could be improved by targeting cancer-associated epigenetic mechanisms. The tumor microenvironment represents an important support system for cancer growth, invasion and metastasis. Future strategies targeting the tumor microenvironment are considered as promising. The book addresses all people concerned with cancer.

A short video about the book:

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