Recombinant Newcastle disease virus expressing human IFN-λ1 (rL-hIFN-λ1)-induced apoptosis of A549 cells is connected to endoplasmic reticulum stress pathways

Oncolytic Newcastle disease virus induces autophagy-dependent immunogenic cell death in lung cancer cells

Dendritic-cell vaccine (DCVAC) with first line chemotherapy in patients with stage IV NSCLC primary analysis of phase 2, open-label, randomized, multicenter trial.

Phase I clinical trial of a novel autologous modified-DC vaccine in patients with resected NSCLC

Increased cycles of DC/CIK immunotherapy decreases frequency of Tregs in patients with resected NSCLC

Phase I Trial of Intratumoral Injection of Gene-Modified Dendritic Cells in Lung Cancer Elicits Tumor-Specific Immune Responses and CD8 T-cell Infiltration

Lung adenocarcinoma may be a more susceptive subtype to a dendritic cell-based cancer vaccine than other subtypes of non-small cell lung cancers: a multicenter retrospective analysis

Thermosensitive liposomal cisplatin in combination with local hyperthermia results in tumor growth delay and changes in tumor microenvironment in xenograft models of lung carcinoma

Feasibility study of DCs/CIKs combined with thoracic radiotherapy for patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer

Pilot study of radiofrequency hyperthermia in combination with gefitinib in gefitinib-effective patients with advanced NSCLC