Enhancement of the Immunostimulatory Functions of Ex Vivo-Generated Dendritic Cells from Early-Stage Colon Cancer Patients by Consecutive Exposure to Low Doses of Sequential-Kinetic-Activated IL-4 and IL-12. A Preliminary Study

Phase II randomized trial of autologous tumor lysate dendritic cell vaccine (ADC) plus best supportive care (BSC) compared with BSC, in pre-treated advanced colorectal cancer patients.

Improved Efficacy of a Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccine against a Murine Model of Colon Cancer: The Helper Protein Effect

Retrospective comparative study of the effects of dendritic cell vaccine and cytokine-induced killer cell immunotherapy with that of chemotherapy alone and in combination for colorectal cancer

Randomized phase II study with dendritic cell (DC) immunotherapy in patients with resected hepatic metastasis of colorectal carcinoma.

Autologous tumor lysate-pulsed dendritic cell immunotherapy with cytokine-induced killer cells improves survival in gastric and colorectal cancer patients

Autologous tumor cell vaccines for post-operative active-specific immunotherapy of colorectal carcinoma: long-term patient survival and mechanism of function

[Immunotherapy and hyperthermia for the treatment of patients with advanced or recurrent colorectal cancer]

Autologous dendritic cell based adoptive immunotherapy of patients with colorectal cancer-A phase I-II study

Phase II study of concomitant chemoradiotherapy with local hyperthermia and metronidazole for locally advanced fixed rectal cancer