Evaluation of Apoptosis Induction by Newcastle Disease Virus LaSota Strain in Human Breast Carcinoma Cells

NDV-D90 inhibits 17β-estradiol-mediated resistance to apoptosis by differentially modulating classic and nonclassic estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells

Hexokinase inhibition using D-Mannoheptulose enhances oncolytic newcastle disease virus-mediated killing of breast cancer cells

Newcastle disease virus suppress glycolysis pathway and induce breast cancer cells death

Combined wIRA-Hyperthermia and Hypofractionated Re-Irradiation in the Treatment of Locally Recurrent Breast Cancer: Evaluation of Therapeutic Outcome Based on a Novel Size Classification

Dendritic cell vaccine for the effective immunotherapy of breast cancer

Breast cancer stem cell RNA-pulsed dendritic cells enhance tumor cell killing by effector T cells

Evaluation of Newcastle disease virus mediated dendritic cell activation and cross-priming tumor-specific immune responses ex vivo

Evaluation of a Recombinant Newcastle Disease Virus Expressing Human IL12 against Human Breast Cancer

2-Deoxyglucose and Newcastle Disease Virus Synergize to Kill Breast Cancer Cells by Inhibition of Glycolysis Pathway Through Glyceraldehyde3-Phosphate Downregulation