Methods behind oncolytic virus-based DC vaccines in cancer: Toward a multiphase combined treatment strategy for Glioblastoma (GBM) patients

PMID: 38548421
Journal: Methods in cell biology (volume: 183, issue: , Methods Cell Biol 2024;183:51-113)
Published: 2023-10-19

Van Gool SW, Van de Vliet P, Kampers LFC, Kosmal J, Sprenger T, Reich E, Schirrmacher V, Stuecker W


Glioblastoma (GBM) remains an orphan cancer disease with poor outcome. Novel treatment strategies are needed. Immunotherapy has several modes of action. The addition of active specific immunotherapy with dendritic cell vaccines resulted in improved overall survival of patients. Integration of DC vaccination within the first-line combined treatment became a challenge, and immunogenic cell death immunotherapy during chemotherapy was introduced. We used a retrospective analysis using real world data to evaluate the complex combined treatment, which included individualized multimodal immunotherapy during and after standard of care, and which required adaptations during treatment, and found a further improvement of overall survival. We also discuss the use of real world data as evidence. Novel strategies to move the field of individualized multimodal immunotherapy forward for GBM patients are reviewed.