A comprehensive update to Dendritic Cell therapy for glioma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

PMID: 35076331
Journal: Expert review of vaccines (volume: 21, issue: 4, Expert Rev Vaccines 2022 Apr;21(4):513-531)
Published: 2022-03-08

Shamshiripour P, Nikoobakht M, Mansourinejad Z, Ahmadvand D, Akbarpour M


BACKGROUND: Gliomas are major challenges of neuro-oncology due to high mortality. Clinical applications of dendritic cells (DCs) have yielded promising results in the clinical trial pipelines over decades.

RESEARCH DESIGN: In this systematic review, we critically discuss the current status, future perspective, and challenges of DC therapy for gliomas . and summarize the study population, blinding, comparators, dosage, treatment regimens, efficacy, and safety issues of the clinical trials published on DC therapy for gliomas and also report the results of our meta-analysis on safety and immunological efficacy of DC therapy for gliomas.

RESULTS: The results of our meta-analysis indicated that the most frequent grade I/II adverse event (AE) reported in phase I or phase I/II trials was fatigue (∼16% and 24%). Moreover, in phase II trials, fatigue and cytopenia were the most common AEs (∼9% and 14%). Meanwhile, Grade III/IV AEs were rare . Moreover, our meta-analysis indicated ∼64% CD8+ T cells infiltration into tumor site after DC therapy and also ∼45% IFNγ increase.

CONCLUSIONS: DC therapy could serve as a potential immunotherapy for gliomas; however, limitations exist to draw certain conclusions due to diversity of the criteria applied to assess clinical response and limited data on patients‘ survival.