Dendritic cell vaccination combined with a conventional chemotherapy for patients with relapsed or advanced pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a single-center phase I/II trial

PMID: 33886156
Journal: Therapeutic apheresis and dialysis : official peer-reviewed journal of the International Society for Apheresis, the Japanese Society for Apheresis, the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy (volume: 25, issue: 4, Ther Apher Dial 2021 Aug;25(4):415-424)
Published: 2021-05-14

Ogasawara M, Miyashita M, Yamagishi Y, Ota S


The prognosis of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer is poor. In the present phase I/II study, we have evaluated the safety and the feasibility of Wilms‘ tumor 1 (WT1) and/or mucin1 (MUC1) peptide-pulsed dendritic cell (DC) vaccination in combination with chemotherapy in patients with advanced or relapsed pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). Sixty-five eligible patients were enrolled. No severe adverse events related to the vaccinations were observed. Objective response rate and disease control rate was 12.3% and 50.8%, respectively. Median progression-free survival and overall survival were 4.9 and 9.6 months, respectively. DC vaccinations augmented WT1- and MUC1-specific immunity which might be related to clinical outcome. These results indicate that DC-based immunotherapy combined with a conventional chemotherapy is safe and feasible for patients in advanced stage of PDAC.