Complete Clinical Remission of Stage IV Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Lung Metastasis Administering Low-Dose Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Combination With Hyperthermia and Interleukin-2

PMID: 30193538
Journal: Integrative cancer therapies (volume: 17, issue: 4, Integr Cancer Ther 2018 12;17(4):1297-1303)
Published: 2018-09-07

Kleef R, Moss R, Szasz AM, Bohdjalian A, Bojar H, Bakacs T


The prognosis of triple-negative breast cancer with metastases after chemotherapy remains dismal. We report the case of a 50-year-old female with first disease recurrence at the axillary lymph node and, later on, bilateral pulmonary metastases with severe shortness of breath. The patient received low-dose immune checkpoint blockade (concurrent nivolumab and ipilimumab) weekly over 3 weeks with regional hyperthermia 3 times a week, followed by systemic fever-range hyperthermia induced by interleukin-2 for 5 days. She went into complete remission of her pulmonary metastases with transient WHO I-II diarrhea and skin rash. The patient remained alive for 27 months after the start of treatment, with recurrence of metastases as a sternal mass, and up to 3 cm pleural metastases. This exceptional response should instigate further research efforts with this protocol, which consists only of approved drugs and treatments.