New physical approaches to treat cancer stem cells: a review

PMID: 29869042
Journal: Clinical & translational oncology : official publication of the Federation of Spanish Oncology Societies and of the National Cancer Institute of Mexico (volume: 20, issue: 12, Clin Transl Oncol 2018 Dec;20(12):1502-1521)
Published: 2018-06-04

Ghaffari H, Beik J, Talebi A, Mahdavi SR, Abdollahi H


Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been identified as the main center of tumor therapeutic resistance. They are highly resistant against current cancer therapy approaches particularly radiation therapy (RT). Recently, a wide spectrum of physical methods has been proposed to treat CSCs, including high energetic particles, hyperthermia (HT), nanoparticles (NPs) and combination of these approaches. In this review article, the importance and benefits of the physical CSCs therapy methods such as nanomaterial-based heat treatments and particle therapy will be highlighted.