Concomitant trimodality therapy of re-irradiation, chemotherapy and regional hyperthermia for a pretreated inoperable sarcoma recurrence

PMID: 25838253
Journal: Tumori (volume: 101, issue: 2, Tumori 2015 Mar-Apr;101(2):e54-6)
Published: 2015-03-01

LI M, Andrä C, Niyazi M, Issels RD, Abdel-Rahman S, Oskan F, Manapov F


We hereby present a case of pre-treated unresectable sarcoma recurrence of the trunk which showed an excellent response to concomitant tri-modal therapy, consisting of re-irradiation, chemotherapy and regional hyperthermia even with a strong compromised re-irradiation dose. No significant toxicity of the combined therapy and fast achievement of the pain and neurological symptoms relief are reported. The case shows that concurrent tri-modality treatment can be considered as a therapeutic option for the management of pre-treated unresectable recurrence even in there-irradiation setting.