Vaccination strategies in patients with renal cell carcinoma

PMID: 19360405
Journal: Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII (volume: 58, issue: 7, Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 2009 Jul;58(7):1169-74)
Published: 2009-04-10

Asemissen AM, Brossart P


Although new treatment options for patients with advanced renal cell cancer (RCC) have been developed within recent years, vaccination is still a promising emerging treatment option. An increasing number of tumor-associated antigens (TAA) available for RCC are currently used and analyzed for their efficacy for antigen-specific vaccine strategies. Recently, antigen-specific vaccination with dendritic cells in patients with metastatic RCC was shown to induce cytotoxic T cell response associated with objective clinical responses in some of the patients. Furthermore, current studies focus on the development of more effective vaccine regimes, such as the application of polyvalent, HLA-independent RNA coding for multiple TAA and adjuvants. First results demonstrate promising clinical and immunological efficacy. The efficacy of antigen-specific vaccination might be improved by a combination of tyrosine kinase inhibitors, since sunitinib was shown to promote T cell induction following vaccination in a mouse model and elimination of regulatory T cells.