[Combined radiotherapy and endovascular x-ray therapy for invasive cancer of the urinary bladder]

PMID: 17037035
Journal: Voprosy onkologii (volume: 51, issue: 6, Vopr Onkol 2005;51(6):685-8)
Published: 2005-01-01

Zharinov GM, Agafonova MV, Tarazov PG, Suvorova IuV, Kozlov AA, Metelev VV, Neklasova NIu


The data are presented on treatment of 131 patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder. Radiotherapy was received by 57, regional intraarterial chemotherapy (RIAT)–27. Radiotherapy was combined with RIAT and selective hyperglycemia (HG) in 18 cases. Local super high-frequency (SHF) hyperthermia was given additionally to another 29 patients. Radiotherapy alone was followed by primary clinical cure, a 9.6-months relapse-free period and 3-months survival (36.8%), mean survival time being 26 months. In the RIAT group, these indices were 29.6%, 10.8 mos, 51.9% and 36 mos, respectively. Combination of radiotherapy, RIAT and selective HG yielded significantly improved indices: complete response–44.4%, relapse-free period–13.6 mos, 3-year survival–66.7% and mean survival time–43 mos. After addition of SHF hyperthermia, complete response rose to 69.0%, relapse-free period–18.2 mos, 3-year survival–75.8% and mean survival time–61 mos. Joint use of radiotherapy, RIAT, HG and SHF hyperthermia caused more damage to tumor, stimulated complete response and increased 3-year survival and mean survival time.