IOZK - Immun-Onkologisches Zentrum Köln

Welcome to Cologne

You yourself are suffering from cancer or a relative, friend or acquaintance is affected. There are an immense number of treatments available for cancer, but you always ask yourself the question if all the treatment options have been taken into consideration. 

In the last few years there has been extensive research on immunological therapies for cancer. We want to make these therapies available for our patients in the form of an individual treatment plan. 

Our practice is centrally located in Cologne, Germany. Please call us to arrange a personal consultation. 

IOZK – Immunologisch Onkologisches Zentrum Köln

Hohenstaufenring 30-32
50674 Köln

Phone: +49 (0)221 – 420 399 25
Telefax: +49 (0)221 – 420 399 26



Dr. med. Akos-Sigmund Bihari | Specialist in General Practice | Qualified in Pharmaceuticals | Doctor in charge of transfusion Immunologie | Immunology / Integrative Oncology

Dr. med. Karin Ehlert | Specialist in General Medicine | Hemostasiology

Dipl.-Biol. Gisela Feldmann | GMP-Head of laboratory | Pharmaceutical quality controller and biological security officer

Dr. Dirk Lorenzen |  Research Group Manager | Qualified in Pharmaceuticals | biological security officer

Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Lüke (†) Microbiology, Virology and Immunology

Dr. Maria Lulei | Head of the immune monitoring team

Cherif Montassar MD. | Doctor 

Prof. Dr. Volker Schirrmacher | Leader for Tumour Immunology research

Dr. med. Peter Seng | Specialist in Laboratory Medicine | Specialist in Microbiology and Infection epidemiology

Dr. med. Katharina Sprenger | Specialist in General Medicine | Qualified in Pharmaceuticals | Appointed transfusion specialist  | Pharmacovigilance

Dr. med. Tobias Sprenger | Specialist in General Medicine | Anthroposophic Medicine

Dr. Wilfried Stücker | Pharmaceutical Biology | Immunology / Translational Oncology

Stefaan Van Gool MD PhD. | Immunology | Specialist in paediatric hematooncology | Medical management of translational oncology | Qualified Person according to the German Medicinal Products Law | Responsible Medical Person